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Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Creating cleaner, greener energy is a global issue and much discussed in the media.  By installing solar photovoltaic, you will be helping the environment, cutting your carbon footprint and creating a cleaner world for the next generation.

However, the benefits do not stop there.  You will be PAID for the energy you produce!  This is known as the feed-in-tariff, whereby your electricity supplier shall pay you on a quarterly basis for each unit of electricity you generate.  Any extra energy you produce, but do not use, your electricity supplier shall also pay you for.  This energy is stored in the national grid and can be used elsewhere.

Furthermore, by installing solar photovoltaic panels, your property could increase in value, whether this be your domestic home or commercial property.


Green Deal, Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and energy performance property assessments

Lighthouse North East Limited are able to carry out an Energy Performance assessment of your property and, if required, provide an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) as well as impartial Green Deal advice. 

The Green Deal is a government initiative designed to help home and business owners like you make your property more energy efficient with no upfront cost. Between the Energy Company Obligation and Green Deal there are over 40 energy saving measures which can be installed to your property.  By making your property greener, it could substantially reduce your carbon footprint, energy bills and give your home a more cosy feel, particularly in those freezing winter months.

If you would like further information on the Green Deal or Energy Performance Certification, or to arrange a no obligation survey, contact us today.

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